About the Program

Creating your Jewish legacy ensures that you will be remembered and that your passion and your values will continue when you are no longer here. It also serves as an example to your loved ones that you believe it is important to support the Jewish community. The act of creating a legacy empowers you to complete the work of your heart. By leaving a legacy, you will help to ensure that the traditions and institutions important to you remain vibrant for future generations.

Why Now?
There is a sense of urgency now to endow the future. If our community had a large endowment, in times of economic uncertainty, we would have a safety net for our future. It is imperative that we secure funds now to benefit our children and grandchildren and to ensure that the strong foundation of Jewish services survives to support generations to come.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Role in Development
Create a Jewish Legacy is an initiative of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington in cooperation with local partner agencies and congregations to build a strong vibrant community, now and in the future with bequests for permanent endowments. It promotes the message that all of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, have the ability to make a difference for future Jewish generations. As the intersection of the Jewish community of Greater Washington, The Federation is proud to lead this program on behalf of the entire community.

“A baby enters the world with hands clenched, as if to say, ‘The world is mine; I shall take it.’ A person leaves with hands open, as if to say, ‘I can take nothing with me.'”
—Ecclesiastes Rabbah