Getting Started

Chances are you already donate generously to the Jewish charitable organizations of your choice. But have you considered including those organizations in your will or estate plan so you can continue to make a difference by supporting your community for generations to come?

Questions to Consider

How do I begin?

First, reflect on your Jewish passions. What have been your most meaningful Jewish experiences? What work in our community do you want to support? As you shape what you want your legacy to be, keep in mind what you value now. Then, contact the organization you want to work with:

  • Congregation
  • Federation
  • School
  • Community Organization/Agency
  • And many more

When should I start thinking about leaving a legacy?

It is never too soon to think about leaving a legacy. Some people make their wills when they have a child or when they receive an inheritance. Some people decide to leave a legacy when they feel blessed financially and want to give back. It’s always the right time to think about how you wish to be remembered.

Will leaving a legacy gift impact my taxes?

Depending on the type of legacy gift you select, you may be entitled to immediate income tax benefits as well as long term estate tax benefits.

Who can help me?

A philanthropic advisor or planned giving professional at your favorite Jewish agency or institution, working together with your attorney and financial advisor as necessary, can be your partner to make sure your estate plan is up to date.

If you would like to discuss your Jewish legacy, please contact or call 301-230-7200.